Our Work

We like to work with innovative and challenging projects. Below you can see some of the projects we're proud of.

Project shape
Nomad Living cover image

Nomad Living

Short and simple leasings for your stay in New York. A platform to find a home away from home for nomads.

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Heartout cover image


HeartOut is an online recording certification platform, designed to provide organizations a solution to see and hear an applicant's "live" performance.

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Naxon cover image


Naxon is a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) software that works with portable, low-cost EEG equipment for the development of practical tools for innovative applications and research purposes.

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Pathme cover image


A community of entrepreneurs with attitude! Pathme motivates entrepreneurs to generate the attitude of the PathMe entrepreneur, through the collaborative development of their ideas on a virtual platform.

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Wolfy cover image


Tool to quickly find contact information from targeted prospects.

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Planit cover image


A new way for companies to organize their events. Planit allows you to search and buy a wide variety of services from different providers.

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Welevi cover image


Social network where people can show their story through life changing moments. The network provides tools to promote communication between users. Both backend and front-end were developed.

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PopUp cover image


App to buy discounts for restaurants, music events, clothing stores and much more. The user also has the chance to exchange this discounts with other users.

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Mi Vestidor cover image

Mi Vestidor

Mobile platform that allows users to find and rent their ideal dress

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Prepp  cover image


Prepp Tutoring is a free mobile app that connects students with peer tutors at their university.

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Bold cover image


Netflix-like app for watching films, series and any kind of on demand content.

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QHDC cover image


A mobile app that allows users to find cheap restaurants close to them. Every time a user goes to a restaurant, it will receive rewards points that can be exchanged for meals.

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Insumos Viales cover image

Insumos Viales

Web app to manage vial supplies. It performs the entire billing process, supplies tracking and resource allocation.

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