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How we helped a sustainable fashion startup raise 7.5M in seed funding

Vopero is an innovative project with the mission of inspiring a new generation to consume clothes in a more conscious and sustainable way. This Node.js platform connects recycled fashion with those looking for a simple way to have access to trendy second hand clothes.
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Node.js and React

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6 Developers

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Microservices - Serverless


Provide a proprietary technology platform with its own infrastructure, to buy and sell second hand clothes in a 100% digital way, scalable to the Latam market. 

We started working on this product from the outset, developing a back office, the back end, and the mobile application. 

Vopero aimed to build a digital platform that would present an innovative solution to an increasing demand: resale fashion.

Working on the development of this platform would imply a great technical challenge, as it would condense numerous users linked to this market and interested in the fashion industry. This growing market lacked an e-commerce site to bring sellers and buyers together. This is where Vopero and its innovative proposal emerge. 

It was clear from the start that this product had great potential, so it had to be adaptable to any Latin-American market, and enabled to add different services and products.


Developing a resale digital application with Node.js and React that enables to collect, categorize, present and distribute millions of products in a systematized and efficient way.
We formed a team of 5 developers, led by our CTO Juan Pablo Balarini to start working on the back office, back end, and mobile application. 

The key: thinking big from the start. We built a solid microservices architecture in Node.js in order to be ready to scale easily and as fast as possible.

We focused on having a solid product from the beginning: the first outgoings were almost final versions. This contributed to the great growth they had experienced in such a short time, and they were able to present to investors a full version of the product. 


A complex and solid architecture in Node.js that supports millions of users was built at an extraordinarily fast pace and launched within a period of 4 to 5 months. The platform launched successfully in Uruguay and Mexico, and in less than a year, it got a strategic investment of $7.5 million from Grupo Axo and ThredUp.

Nowadays, we feel really proud of this thriving product that continues to grow, knowing that it was born at Eagerworks factory.

Our partnership with Vopero reinforced our mission to contribute to the local startup community, collaborating with innovative ideas and empowering local entrepreneurs to consolidate their startup dream. Putting all our technical expertise at the service of the local industry and bringing cutting-edge skills, technology, and resources to enhance the power of an ingenious and promising idea, has been a super rewarding experience.  

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