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Redefining event experiences with digital solutions

Hipstr is a service provider specializing in video and photo booth services, professional photography, and custom solutions for social and corporate events and brand activations. They offer dynamic services such as moving photos, GIFs, and deliverables like photo books and social media content.
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4 devs, 1 Project Manager, 1 QA

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Streamlined booking process and customer portal

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Hipstr faced the challenge of scaling exponentially while needing to automate manual processes, enable users to complete purchases within their platform, and provide a streamlined experience for consumers. To that end, we focused on an on-demand booking system, upgraded their customer portal to provide users with a comprehensive platform, and created a dedicated partner & host management portal integrated with CRM systems to streamline operations further.

The project was segmented into distinct stages to address these specific needs.


To kick off the project, we focused on the on-demand booking system to simplify the purchasing and booking process directly through their website, ensuring a straight-forward process for customers. The development included creating a step-by-step booking procedure with dynamic pricing estimations based on variables such as dates, budget constraints, location preferences, and additional service options. This system was complemented by integrated lead registration and follow-up, allowing the sales and marketing teams to track customers who didn’t complete the checkout process. In the following steps, we’re planning to accompany this initiative by a focus on data analytics and dynamic pricing strategies to drive future scalability and business growth.

The second stage involved upgrading their customer portal for clients to access and manage their booked events, seek support, and handle their accounts seamlessly. Administrative features were integrated into the portal to streamline event management, track payments, provide customer support, and generate invoices for additional services.

On the third stage, we focused on a portal for hosts to manage services efficiently. This portal streamlined communication channels and enabled better coordination between stakeholders.

Additionally, we implemented SEO improvements to optimize web performance.


Hipstr achieved a streamlined booking process that reduced manual effort and greatly improved customer satisfaction. The enhancement of post-purchase experiences through customer portals led to increased engagement and customer loyalty. Customers were able to manage their booked events, update information, access support, and view FAQs seamlessly through the improved portal interface.

These strategic implementations positioned Hipstr for future growth by leveraging scalable technologies, data-driven strategies and optimizations. By focusing on enhancing user experiences, operational efficiency, and adopting forward-looking approaches, Hipstr has laid a solid foundation for continued success and competitiveness in the market

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