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Revolutionizing logistics management

Edify streamlines logistics management for suppliers, products, waste, and employee management in the hospitality sector across the UK. Their system catered to various supplier profiles, including those who provide products on demand, maintain stock, and handle production and distribution.
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Edify aimed to offer a comprehensive solution for cafeterias, integrating supplier information, inventory, employee records, and recipes. They identified live stock levels as a critical challenge, aiming to connect inventory management, orders, recipes, and ingredient tracking seamlessly.


We focused on developing live stock levels, which implied a complex challenge - understanding stock levels within the local establishments, connecting all logistical components, and managing inventory for production purposes. Edify utilized existing capabilities for stock counts and introduced a "Production Planner" feature to cater to clients involved in both production and stocking. This initiative facilitated stock monitoring and production planning for a seamless workflow.


By focusing on client retention and global expansion, Edify solidified its existing clientele as a foundation for future growth. Leveraging established clients as showcases for their services, the company laid the groundwork for scalability and impact. Edify's integration of live stock levels and a production planner positioned the company as a comprehensive solution for cafeteria logistics. This adaptive approach showcases the power of technical innovation and strategic vision in navigating complex logistical challenges within the food industry.

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