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A perfect example of a tech-startup thriving in pandemic

HeartOut is an online recording certification platform, designed to provide organizations a solution to see and hear an applicant's "live" performance.
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“The team understands the questions we ask and they’re very clear on what amount of time something might take. My experience has been excellent.”

Ciro Fodere, CEO and Founder

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Authentic live auditions

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iOS, Android & Ruby on Rails

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3 developers


The idea of a digital platform for live auditions arises through the experience on this matter from its founder, Ciro Fodere, a well-known pianist.

As a musician, he was aware of all the pains involved in musical auditions on stage. These pains had a triple impact: on the candidate, the organizer, and the jury.

HeartOut aimed to build a digital platform where live auditions could be held in an easy and fair way for both applicants and organizers. For this, we had to really understand all the stakeholders involved throughout the process.

The complexity of the project demanded great dedication. This platform was built to support thousands of users auditioning: the moment of the audition is very important to all the stakeholders involved, so it has to be perfect.


We developed a native iOS and Android app, as well as an admin and organizer panel.
The app involves the three sides of the music business: users (musicians), organizers, and jurors.

At first, our team was in charge of each technical decision. We acted as the startups’ CTO before they had one.

Understanding the needs and budget of this early-stage startup, we formed a small team of developers.

As needs for new features arose, our team incorporated new solutions in order to provide an increasingly complete service for audition organizers. We also created and developed a specific protocol to ensure the validity of each audition.


HeartOut transformed the idea of online "live" auditions by guaranteeing that participants can authentically perform their talents, without any editing. It provides a complete solution to organizers and jurors as well.

Judging hereafter, will not only include performance quality standards as it exists right now, but will also convey the concentration, preparedness, and pressure required to perform live on stage.

Candidates will now be judged on a true "live" audition process in the comfort of their own homes, bringing down the cost barriers implied in traveling for a face-to-face audition.

The HeartOut app has created an equal opportunity platform that formats all auditions into the same layout, ensuring fairness among all participants. HeartOut achieved thousands of musical auditions, and we’re launching a brand-new product for the post-pandemic world.

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