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Recirculating high-end fashion worldwide

Hurr is a circular fashion platform for rental and reselling with the objective of solving fast-fashion issues. Hurr aims to reinvent ownership, successfully building the bridge between technology and high-end fashion.
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Order Management System & white-label product

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1 team leader, 4 devs, 1 QA tester

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Hotwire, Stimulus & Rails


Hurr’s business comprises a clothing marketplace for final customers and a white-label product designed for a b2b model.

The clothing marketplace considers two models: pier to pier, which connects users lending and renting clothes simply and safely, and a second option, where Hurr collects the clothes and centralizes the rental logistics. 

The white label product is a solution for companies to start renting their clothes. Hurr provides stores with a website ready to receive rentals and supports them with the logistics.

The process of managing orders, organizing products, and making deliveries was made through a tough manual process. In order to make a product ready to scale, we were in charge of developing a separate platform for internal use. 

Due to the project’s growth and the objective of continuing to scale with the white-label model, a centralized platform for internal usage was required. To that end, we developed the Order Management System (OMS).

The OMS development presented challenges we had to overcome in order to create an efficient product:

  • Centralizing the process of picking, staging and labeling every order with a step-by-step system that gives complete control of the entire process. 
  • Unifying every process in a single board: rentals, sales, offers, subscriptions.


The Order Management System was built from scratch to centralize every order from the marketplace and white labels.

Considering all the challenges, we had to think of an innovative solution, and a custom-made gem was created by our development team. With the OMS, Hurr can now create, organize, edit, update, and delete information easily, efficiently, and, more importantly, in a scalable way.

Our team also focused on making the white-labels a scalable product that enables clothing companies to build a rental site in a short period of time.


Hurr has raised more than 4M in investment and intends to continue to grow. The business reaches a wide range of customers all over the world, tackling one of the most damaging industries: fashion. As Hurr focuses on high-end clothing and accessories, the scope of their impact is even more significant. Luxury items are often used for particular occasions, and helping them recirculate can change the fashion industry's environmental effects. In recent months, Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, has chosen Hurr for such an important event as Earthshot Prize in Boston, conveying a strong message and broadening Hurr’s reach worldwide.

After only a few months after we started to work together, we were invited to lead the white-label product and develop a scalable solution to help them grow. Our team is now completely focused on the white labels and the Order Management System, in coordination with an outsourced team that is in charge of the marketplace. 

Hurr aims to scale the white label model and continue to welcome more and more companies worldwide into a circular fashion logic. 

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