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Proud to help Pilio transform businesses from the UK to be net-zero and nature positive

Pilio is an energy and environmental innovation company that works with businesses to find them strategies to successfully participate in the green economy. Catherine Bottrill, Pilio’s co-founder and CEO, was selected as one of the top 15 women in tech by Angel Academe and named on the Open Data Institute’s Women Entrepreneur Longlist. Pilio spun out of research at Oxford Innovation in 2011 and is in a partnership with Oxford’s incubator and accelerator for innovative and fast-growing businesses across the UK.
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Complex reporting and data structure

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Ruby on Rails


Creating a software tool for companies to measure electricity, gas, carbon and water consumption with the aim of reducing their negative climate impact. The web platform should enable users to monitor and manage energy and environmental impacts of buildings and take climate action by measuring, reducing and reporting their carbon footprint.
Pilio is a technically complex project with many functionalities, statistics, and graphs adjusted to each country where it is available. Working on this project requires a thorough training process and an adaptation period for every developer joining this project, regardless of their technical level.


Developing an innovative Ruby on Rails web platform that helps businesses transform their energy and environmental impact, working to accelerate the scaling of solutions to meet the Paris Climate Agreement guidelines.
Pilio’s platform in RoR allows companies to register their energy consumption (water, gas, carbon, electricity) and evaluate their progress through graphs and statistics. With these tools, companies can draw conclusions on how they can improve and become a more sustainable business.

Our Ruby on Rails team has achieved many milestones to improve Pilio’s services, including Healthy Workspace and Carbon Footprint. These services include annual carbon footprint reporting, tracking progress towards net-zero targets, total and relative annual performance charts, comparison tracking charts, procurement and supplier carbon analysis, and carbon cost by impact area.

Carbon Footprint is about calculating a business’ footprint, helping companies meet compliance with government regulations for emission reductions, enhance their reputation, and demonstrate their commitment to climate action in their sector, as well as reducing costs by identifying where their carbon footprint is greatest.

Healthy Workspace is about monitoring work environments through the analysis of metrics such as temperature, carbon, and airflow, among others.


The internationalization of the startup’s product led to a huge growth of the project’s scale. It involved adapting the software product to different countries, taking into account currencies, units, and conversion factors.
Pilio is officially qualified to provide Green Emission Certification to companies that stay within government-accepted limits.

Pilio is one of our first partners: we’ve been working together from the beginning of Eagerworks, and we are happy to see their success. Since 2016, our RoR team has been deeply involved with Pilio’s purpose and goals as their trustworthy technical partners, and we are excited to continue doing so.

Pilio provides useful tools for businesses to monitor and measure their energy consumption. Such web application tools vary from graphs to complex calculations of the emissions through the entire business cycle. One of the latest and most useful tools Pilio has is the Carbon Footprints module. With it, businesses can measure the carbon emissions they release and plan strategies to decrease them.

Pilio leverages various funds that have allowed it to continue working with many organizations throughout the UK and the rest of the world. Pilio is a member of Sustainable Ventures’ workspaces community at County Hall, London, as well as HIMA^Verte is Pilio’s partner on the Pakistan Field Research Programme and Village Insetting. Pilio's has also partnered with Innovative UK: the UK’s government funding body for innovative products and services across all sectors. Innovate UK has funded a number of the Pilio team’s research and development projects to advance their climate and nature solutions.

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