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We look for the perfect match

We give priority to working on passionate projects, where our values are aligned. We look for startups with growth potential and amazing founders. Our team is carefully selected and we seek to create a positive and collaborative work environment.

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We boost our team

We're very proud of our onboarding philosophy, providing a highly demanding training process of at least 3 months. It's ideal for junior devs with an engineering background, looking for their first steps in tech. The Eager-Bootcamp is led by our CTO, sharing not only our tech knowledge and expertise, but our core values and excitement for innovation.

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We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit

We are entrepreneurs and our mission is to help startups succeed. We work as our clients' technical and strategic partners. We are part of a collaborative tech environment in which we complement each other with the aim of offering the perfect solution for each startup we help.

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We support the local startup community

We believe in the importance of contributing to the Uruguayan community. Despite working primarily for the USA, we love supporting local entrepreneurs by guiding them through validations, establishing roadmaps, and providing our network.

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We invest in entrepreneurship

We identify promising projects with outstanding founders: we team up, invest, and aim high. A recent successful investment is PlanIT: an innovative local B2B startup expanding in LATAM.

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Why partner with a
Uruguayan team?

Why partner with a Uruguayan team?

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    #1 per capita software exporter in Latam and #3 globally
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    Similar time zone with the US (GMT-3)
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    Highly-skilled Software Developers with excellent English level
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    A stable economy and a thriving IT industry
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    Similar cultural mindset
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