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Web Development Services for Innovative Products

A nearshore software development company focused on creating top quality digital products with high levels of innovation

Web Development services for every stage of your Startup

Whether you are needing help in building a minimum viable product, enhancing an existing web application, or accelerating your momentum with staff augmentation services, our web development team is up for the challenge.

How we turn ideas to life

Our working approach starts with understanding the problem you are trying to solve and your value proposition, then defining requirements, then product design, and finally, product development.

Value Proposition

Our team will start by understanding the problem you are trying to solve, your mission, your motivations, the market you are in, and your audience. Together we will define the value proposition of your product.

Defining the requirement

Once we have a clear vision of the value proposition, we will define the first version of your product with an MVP approach. The goal of an MVP is to launch and test the product for real user feedback as soon as possible.

Product Design

Our designers will transform the user stories into low fidelity wireframes to define the first steps of the user experience. Then, our UX/UI design team will work on crafting a high quality user interface your users will love.

Product Development

Once we have the backlog ready, our team of web developers will use agile methodologies and 2 week sprints to make things happen. We will have constant communication with you through Slack and daily or weekly standups.

Why Eagerworks as your software development partner?

We have different web development services according to your startup's needs. Our Ruby on Rails and Node.js development teams are led by our tech leaders, prioritizing coding best practices, transparency, and clear communication.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help startups succeed. We are not a cold software development provider, we love to get involved in strategic and technical decisions. We will share our tech know-how, our experience with +50 projects, and our vision to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

Our Development team

Our full stack developers are thoroughly selected from computer and software engineering careers with excellent English skills. WIth a demanding training program of at least 3 months, we make sure our devs are aligned with our code quality standards and coding best practices.

Our Experience

Eagerworks was founded in 2015, and has been involved in the development of over 50 software products from various industries, such as automotive, entertainment, neuroscience, sustainable fashion, govtech, and more. The majority of our projects come from the USA, UK and Canada.

Our Values

We are transparent and we like straightforward communications, committed to our partners’ goals. We are pragmatic in the execution, curious in meeting new people with new problems to solve, and in a constant improvement attitude based on feedback. Find out more about us here.

Our web development tech stack

We have different web development services according to your startup's needs. No matter if you run an early-stage startup, a thriving business looking to take the next step, or an established company seeking consulting services, we have the perfect solution for you and your team.

Ruby on Rails Dev

Ruby on Rails is a framework perfect for fast iterations, a great choice when it comes to launching a software product to market as soon as possible. It is also an ideal technology for speed, adaptability, and maintainability; everything an innovative startup needs for rapid validations.

Node.js Dev

Our Node.js team has experience developing web applications that require high performance and scalability from the beginning. We chose to work with Node.js when the product will demand consuming tons of real-time information. Node.js is a great technology for a microservice architecture.

React Dev

React is a Javascript library with great advantages in regards to speed and simplicity for frontend development. React code is very easy to maintain and its flexibility helps innovative startups save their time and money.

Python Dev

Python is another technology in which we are experts. Our team has vast experience and know-how regarding Python for web scraping 10 million data points per day.

Case Studies

Have a look at some of the startups we've helped develop their innovative products and accomplish their goals.

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