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From an idea to

a Software Product

Eagerworks' experts will help you transform your idea into an awesome digital solution that users will engage with enthusiasm.

Need help developing your idea?

Since 2015, we have helped founders create high-quality products for fast and efficient business validations. Having developed over 70 software projects in various industries, our team will start by asking tons of questions. As MVP developers, we want to understand the problem in depth first before talking about a possible tech solution. When it comes to innovation, it's all about validating fast and cheap before investing in growth. We will reduce the first version of your product to the essential features needed to validate the business model, helping to focus on user feedback.

Product Discovery

Here is where we do the research, understand the main pains and stakeholders' interests, define all the hypotheses to further validate, and brainstorm what would be the most efficient software product to achieve this. The outcome: user stories and wireframes.

MVP Development Services

Once the product designs are approved, our software development team will be ready to craft the first version of your product. After 2-3 months, you will have your product successfully launched to the market and ready for new iterations according to customer feedback and insights.

Design Sprint

This is when our UX and UI designers jump in and transform the wireframes built in the Product Discovery phase into high-fidelity designs. This is an exciting moment for founders because they get to see for the first time what their MVP will look like. The outcome: an interactive prototype that could be tested right away with real customers for early feedback.

Product Insights

Once you’ve launched, the challenge is to learn quickly from users in order to take your product to the next level. We will make sure you are kept in the loop for constant feedback.

Why Ruby on Rails is awesome for MVP software development agencies

Developing innovative products requires managing uncertainty. Ruby on Rails is an ideal technology for speed, adaptability, and maintainability; everything a startup needs in order to efficiently validate hypotheses.

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Why Eagerworks as your software partner?

Here are the four main reasons why to choose us as your software partner for building innovative web products and apps with Ruby on Rails.

The Lean Startup approach

As an MVP consulting group, we guide founders through the build-measure-learn cycle, a continuous feedback loop that helps understand the next steps of the product and the business. It's about turning hypotheses and uncertainties into validated truths as soon as possible.

Empathize with founders

We have experience developing our own product, and we've led our software team for more than 8 years. We know how hard it is to build a tech startup, we have been there. It is much more complex than software development, so our services will go that extra mile to help you out with whatever is in our reach.

We invest in startups

Actually, we invest in amazing founders with incredible attitudes towards entrepreneurship, execution, and will power to chase their vision persistently. Therefore, we connect with each startup we work with as if it was our own. Have a look at PlanIT, a startup in which we invested in.

Ruby on Rails based

With +7 years of experience developing MVPs and top-notch software products in Ruby on Rails, we will efficiently deliver the product you need in order to advance with your business validation.

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The quality of their output is why our partnership has progressed from a one-off project to an ongoing relationship of high magnitude. 

Head of Product, Fashion Rental Platform, UK

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