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Evolve your product

to the next level

Eagerworks’ top development team will enhance your digital product. If you have launched your product and raised funds, we are the expert development team that takes your product to the next level.

How we take web platforms and apps to the next level

Our product team will start by asking a lot of questions to really understand where you are at, how you got to this point, and where you are heading. The next step is when we get technical and audit your UX/UI and review your code. Once the ground is settled, we are ready to enhance your product.

Code Review

We want to make sure your code meets our standards of best practices before we jump in. We will give you feedback and recommendations that could be added to the development pipeline. We will previously sign an NDA.

UX/UI Review

Our product team will thoroughly examine the user experience in search for must-have improvements, while also considering user feedback. The interface design will also be reviewed by our design team, and the output is a list of recommendations to consider in the UX/UI sprint.

Product Development

Taking your web platform or app to the next level requires taking care of the details. It's not only about developing new features, it's about polishing your existing code to improve performance, bugs, scalability and maintainability. Our development team will help you make technical decisions, suggest improvements, and will keep a fluid communication with agile methodologies,

UX/UI Sprint

Once we have the UX/UI review, our product and design team are ready to blend their artistic talent with their user experience insights to craft your product. The outcome we look for is a software product your users must love.

Looking for product market fit but not there yet?

You have a product, paying customers, and have validated the business opportunity. The thing is, your product is not where you want it to be and you need a team of dev experts to jump in and improve code quality, performance, user experience, scalability, and maintainability. We've got you covered.

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Why Eagerworks as your software partner?

With over 50 projects, we've seen it all and our know-how is shared constantly with your team to help you make the right technical decisions. Our mission is to help startups succeed so we are always willing to go an extra mile beyond development and support founders with whatever is in our reach.

Here are the tech stack we will use to take your digital product to the next level.

Ruby on Rails

We are convinced that RoR is an excellent software programming language for developing innovative software products that demand constant iterations throughout their life cycle. Since 2015, Ruby on Rails has been our main backend development language in our goal to help founders create high quality products fast.


Our team has experience working with complex web platforms in Node.js, such as Vopero, that has an architecture with microservices and serverless. We love to be part of strategic technical decisions and to add value to the process of building a product beyond the act of coding.


React is a Javascript library great for achieving development speed and code simplicity. Our dev team choses React as the frontend web technology for building innovative software products when time-to-market is essential for rapid validations.

React Native and iOS

When it comes to developing top-notch apps, we use iOS for native app development and React Native for hybrid apps. With React Native, your users will perceive a native experience using the app on both iOS and Android mobiles. Depending on the project, we either recommend one or the other.

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The quality of their output is why our partnership has progressed from a one-off project to an ongoing relationship of high magnitude. 

Head of Product, Fashion Rental Platform, UK

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