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Expand your team with

staff augmentation

Eagerworks' top software developers are ready to jump in and boost your team.

How we work when staffing big dev teams

When it comes to our staff augmentation service, we want to make sure our team blends in with yours in the smoothest way possible. We understand that finding and outsourcing a dev team to leverage your own tech team is a painful and risky task.

Code Review

After signing an NDA, our CTO will examine your code to make sure it meets our standards of best practices. We will give you feedback and recommendations that could be added to the development pipeline. If we are not comfortable with the code we see, it is probable we won't advance for the sake of the project.

Scale your team in phases

Before a long-term commitment, we like to start by putting together a team of 3 or 4 devs. We will make sure your expectations are fulfilled quickly and we will be ready to continue to expand your team on a second phase.

Dev team with tech leader

You are not hiring individual devs, you are hiring a top performing dev team with a technical leader on top. The tech leader is responsible for guiding the dev team throughout their tech challenges, assuring code quality and best practices.

Team management and communication

Our team is based in Uruguay, just one hour ahead of eastern time. We will be in constant communication through Slack and daily meetings, using agile methodologies to keep you posted. Our project manager will be available and ready for any inquiries along the sprints.

Need a trusted software partner to scale your development team?

Your product is gaining significant traction, or you even might have achieved product market fit already, and your priority is to keep up with software development and not lose momentum. At this point, you might also have investors on your back pressuring for results, and we are here to help you speed up the development.

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Why Eagerworks as your outsourcing dev partner?

We love solving problems with technology, and we understand innovation is managing risk. We worked with projects of all sizes, from mvps to projects that raised millions, and we are aware of what they need at every phase.

We focus on a small tech stack that provides a wide range of development opportunities. We have narrowed our focus to a tech stack that we know is the most suitable and efficient for innovative startups.

Outsourcing Ruby on Rails development

Mentored by Thoughtbot, we are true fans of this technology due to its pragmatism. Our founders have over 10 years of experience in Rails, and are convinced it is one of the best technologies for entrepreneurs to innovate.

Outsourcing Node.js development

We have experience working on big and complex projects with microservices and serverless, and participated in important tech decisions regarding architecture.

Outsourcing React development

All our developers are full stack. When it comes to frontend web technologies, React is usually our first pick because the code is easier to maintain compared to other frontend technologies and it's also more flexible due to its modular structure.

Outsourcing React Native development

With over 50 software projects in a wide range of industries, such as healthcare, automotive, entertainment, govtech, sustainable fashion and real estate, we have experience using React Native as the hybrid technology for developing top-notch apps.

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The quality of their output is why our partnership has progressed from a one-off project to an ongoing relationship of high magnitude. 

Head of Product, Fashion Rental Platform, UK

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