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We’re speakers at RailsConf 2023

RailsConf 2023 took place in Atlanta, US. We’re thrilled to have met with the Rails community and network with Rails enthusiasts from all over the world.

JP Balarini (CTO) was one of RailsConf's speakers

We invite you to see the recorded talk online - available soon!

Why RailsConf?

Rails has one of the most collaborative environments in the tech world, and that is the main reasons why we're such great fans. Aligned with our objective of contributing to the Rails community, we decided that RailsConf would be the perfect environment to share our input, as it's one of the world's greatest Ruby on Rails events.


Faster and cheaper websites: integrating next-gen images in your Rails apps

Our Talk at Rails Conf 2023

Almost 50% of your website's load time is spent loading images. There's a simple way to decrease it, and this is what this talk is about. We'll delve into the best options for web images that significantly reduce website size without compromising quality, and learn how using next-gen images can significantly impact website loading times, user conversion, and SEO. Our discussion covers the challenges that arise while integrating next-gen images into a Rails project. Also a new gem that streamlines the process of using WebP images with Ruby on Rails was presented.

Case Studies

Have a look at some of the startups we've helped develop their innovative products and accomplish their goals.

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