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Ruby on Rails software development in Boston

We are a team of web and mobile developers specialized in helping startups succeed

We are a software development agency eager to bring your ideas to life

Our goal is to help startups succeed at every step: defining a minimum viable product, taking your software product to the next level, or expanding your development team.

How we will make things happen

Our mission is to help your startup succeed. Our journey together starts with understanding deeply the problem your product is going to solve, the value proposition, and then, designing and developing a top-notch digital product ready to fulfill a market’s gap

Value proposition

By understanding your product’s purpose and its context, we focus on determining your value proposition.

Developing an MVP

The next step will be launching to market as soon as possible in order to get user feedback and pivot. To do that, you will need a minimum viable product approach to validate your business idea.

Product Design

Our UX/UI designers will define the most suitable user experience for your software product and create visually attractive interfaces for your application.

Product Development

It is time for our software development team to step in and make ideas a reality. We will work with your team as if we were a single one and keep constant and synchronous communication through agile methodologies and e-mail, and Slack channels.

Learn why Eagerworks is your perfect technical partner

Our team has helped more than 50 startups from many different industries to achieve their goals by developing cutting-edge software solutions. Learn what set us apart and get ready for a long-term trusted partnership.

Our Mission

We like to get deeply involved in every project we work on and bring our vision about the whole business. Our experience as software developers and as entrepreneurs helps us to understand our clients’ pain points and support them in every aspect of the process. Our main goal is to help every startup grow and conquer new horizons.

Our Experience

We are entrepreneurs and we have helped many other entrepreneurs from more than 50 startups in Boston, Miami, San Francisco, London, and Toronto. Our technical know-how in Ruby on Rails, Node.js, React, React Native, and other technologies, will help you develop your ideal software product.

Our software development team

Our team is carefully picked from computer and software engineering careers.We select candidates with excellent English skills in order to keep fluid communication with our clients. Our training program is centered on introducing junior developers to our coding best practices, working modalities, and our values.

Our Values

Mission, working approach, and everyday goals are all driven by our values. Commitment, pragmatism, curiosity, transparency, and continuous improvement, are our core pillars.

Our core technologies

Here are the main technologies we specialize in. Our team is eager to take on any challenge, no matter what your product is, how big your team is, or what technology you use.

Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails is perfect for innovative software products. In terms of speed and adaptability, Ruby on Rails is a great framework. If you are looking to launch a digital product rapidly, it might be the best choice.

React Development

Your frontend development can be made simpler and faster with React, a Javascript library. Startups looking to save time and money often find that React code is easy to maintain and flexible.

Node.js Development

You can build scalable mobile and web applications with Node.js. It is also the perfect technology for a microservice architecture.

Python Development

Another technology in which we specialize is Python. Up to 10 million data points can be scraped per day using Python web scraping applications.

Case Studies

Have a look at some of the startups we've helped develop their innovative products and accomplish their goals.

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