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Combine the power of retrieval-based and generative AI models to create high-quality, contextually relevant content ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Analyze images, videos, graphics, charts, and other visual content to extract insights and automate processes.

Our custom-fit AI products’ lifecycle


Understanding the business challenge through interviews, surveys, and processes analysis.


Blending the AI solution to your systems and workflows and making the necessary adjustments.


Tracking the AI solution performance for further enhancements.

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Bring efficiency & innovation into documentation and databases

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Unlock endless possibilities with our AI Studio

Document retrieval and reference

Document retrieval & reference

Access key details from a knowledge base repository for both internal teams and external clients.

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Client interaction and support with AI

Client interaction and support

Enable clients to query FAQs reducing the workload and offering immediate support.

contract management with AI

Contract management

Quickly extract clauses, terms, or expiration dates from a vast database of contracts, and create new documents.

Visual ai services

Visual AI

Extract and process information from scanned documents or photos.

Text generation with AI

Text generation

Generate documents from scratch following your business’ guidelines and templates.

Litigation support with AI

Litigation support

Quickly extract relevant emails, memos, or other documents matching specific criteria.

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Use case: meet DocsHunter

Add your client’s contracts to the platform and ask specific questions. You can have different documents and files.

When does price clause change
for client 3961?
Please generate a new contract for client 6548 based on contract 3214.
What's the current budget allocation for the end of season sale ad campaign?

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Process, store, and secure files with powerful document management tools and workflow solutions.

Promote Global AI case study


International business platform

Promote Global focuses on export management, investments, and international alliances and expansion.
AI algorithms were integrated to facilitate efficient data handling and information retrieval, reducing the time and effort required for users to access relevant data.

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Real-time data processing

Naxon is a Brain-Computer Interface software platform.
It uses big data and machine learning techniques to obtain brain information, which is recorded for analysis and assistance in diagnosis and treatment.

Renew vault

Accounting & sales document management

Provides solutions for handling documents and files, tailored for accounting and sales management industries.
Leveraging AI capabilities enabled us to improve document search functionalities, content summarization, and search optimization.

AI case study


Fraud detection model

This phone company had the challenge of recognizing fraudulent calls to avoid scams.
With certain patterns identified, we developed and trained a custom-made model that detected fraud and learned to determine new ones that were not recognized.

summit partners cpa

Image classification model

Summit Partners identified a challenge in curating and positioning financial charts, graphs, and images effectively.
We developed a custom image classification model trained on a diverse dataset of charts, graphs, and images to create an AI-powered system capable of recognizing and selecting images with relevant financial information.

“Not only are they reliable and talented developers, but they are eager to come to the table as thought partners, sincerely invested in the success of our product.”

Jay Nath, City Innovate Co-CEO & San Francisco ex-CIO

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