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Have you ever considered the complexity of expanding a business into new markets? 

In global business expansion, challenges often arise in navigating through a labyrinth of data, multiple interfaces, and various information sources. However, with the right technological approach, these challenges can be transformed into opportunities for efficiency and growth. In this blog post, we explore how one innovative platform addressed these hurdles through the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and our AI product, DocsHunter, to revolutionize the way businesses expand into new markets.


Promote Global: a hub for international expansion

Promote Global is a platform dedicated to simplifying international expansion by creating a hub where companies, service providers, and development agencies join forces to boost global growth opportunities.

The platform was designed with a focus on three key user groups:

  • Agencies: organizations and governmental bodies that are responsible for the promotion of exports, investments, and country/state image
  • Service providers: businesses looking to find and connect with service providers in the region, such as accounting firms.
  • Companies: entities interested in exploring new markets, organizing investment tasks, and managing global expansion efforts.


Crafting solutions and harnessing AI with DocsHunter

Our design and development team at Eagerworks built the platform from scratch, understanding the intricacies of its data model. With three distinct user groups, each requiring tailored functionalities, managing multiple dashboards with different interfaces posed a significant hurdle. The abundance of information and the need for cross-referencing compounded the complexity of the project.

The platform, built using Next.js, successfully addressed these challenges by providing an integrated solution. By integrating AI, the platform streamlines processes and enhances information discovery. An AI Retreival-Augmented Generation pipeline was integrated to facilitate efficient data handling and information retrieval, significantly reducing the time and effort required for users to access relevant data.

Our team then integrated DocsHunter into the platform as a document management solution that caters to the diverse needs of agencies and companies. By leveraging the power of RAG, DocsHunter simplifies the process of uploading, organizing, and accessing documents, thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Without diving too deep into its functionality, here’s a simple guide to how DocsHunter works by harnessing RAG:

  1. Document upload: Users can upload information related to market analysis, legal requirements, or any other pertinent topics into DocsHunter. Upon upload, the platform initiates a comprehensive processing phase, where RAG comes into play.
  2. RAG-powered data extraction: RAG helps DocsHunter extract key information from uploaded documents through retrieval techniques and indexing data, ensuring users have access to the main points within their documents. 
  3. AI-driven Q&A: Through a dynamic interaction, users can ask queries related to any specific document, topic, or region, and RAG facilitates the retrieval of accurate and relevant responses. 


By harnessing RAG's capabilities, the integration of DocsHunter leads to increased efficiency by minimizing the time and effort needed for document management tasks, enhancing accuracy and precision in search results, facilitating dynamic updates to ensure users have access to the most current information, and automating manual interventions, thereby optimizing resource utilization. 


Empowering innovation in global expansion with DocsHunter 

The outcome of this project was a fully functional platform capable of meeting the diverse needs of its user base. Key features include:

  • Efficient data management: AI integration enabled efficient handling of vast amounts of data, ensuring seamless navigation and retrieval through a Q&A function.
  • Better search capabilities: AI algorithms empowered users to conduct advanced searches through different tags and categories of documents, facilitating quick access to relevant information.
  • Tailored user experience: the platform provides personalized experiences for each user group (agencies, companies, or service providers), optimizing usability and efficiency.

This case study highlights DocsHunter's transformative power in addressing complex business challenges related to document handling. By integrating AI technologies into its platform, Promote Global overcame obstacles related to data management, information retrieval, and user interface complexity. The result was a streamlined and efficient solution that empowered businesses to expand into new markets with confidence and ease.

This case study's success serves as a testament to Docs Hunter’s potential to revolutionize business processes and drive innovation in the global marketplace when integrated into a company’s platform.

For further understanding of AI, visit our blog and explore different viewpoints, research findings, and practical implementations to stay informed about the latest developments in artificial intelligence.

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