Transforming big companies’ efficiency: the launch and impact of Docs Hunter, an in-house AI-integrated solution

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In an era where agility and efficiency are paramount, businesses are increasingly looking at Artificial Intelligence (AI) to streamline operations and boost productivity. For large enterprises, integrating AI not only increases their ability to forecast market trends, empowering them to stay at the forefront of industry evolution, but also helps to boost efficiency in their processes. Leveraging AI opens up new paths for groundbreaking solutions, creating a culture of continuous advancement and setting new standards for innovation, especially for corporations dealing with intricate processes and extensive data. 

This blog explores the forefront of this transformation, spotlighting Docs Hunter, our innovative AI-integrated solution. Docs Hunter’s objective is to simplify the management of documents in big firms by offering a new way to handle vast documentation and using AI-powered chatbots designed not only to answer specific questions extracted from those same documents but also to summarize information and create new documents using the already provided information.


AI for companies today: discovering and meeting the industry’s needs

In the past, integrating AI required substantial technical expertise and dedicated resources. Recently, OpenAI emerged as a facilitator for AI solutions, bridging the gap between businesses and developers. Models like the one powering Docs Hunter provide companies with the necessary tools to optimize their functions and enhance their overall performance through seamless AI integration.

Through our partners' insights, we've identified an opportunity to transform the way big businesses operate, using AI to its full potential. We set out to address a critical necessity: a paradigm shift in managing documentation. Organizations possess vast repositories of information, including manuals, guidelines, contracts, and various documents. Locating pertinent information within this extensive dataset and creating new documentation often consumes significant time, occasionally resulting in the underutilization of valuable data. In this context, Docs Hunter emerged as Eagerworks' innovative solution aimed at revolutionizing how large companies access critical information and navigate extensive documentation.

Revealing the potential of RAG in Docs Hunter, the ultimate AI-powered solution

Built on extensive research, Docs Hunter was born from the fusion of cutting-edge technology and a strong commitment to harnessing AI's potential.

We implemented a modified RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) architecture, consisting of taking a user query and finding the most relevant information stored in a document's database. It then uses that same retrieved information to generate a tailored document-rooted response. This process focuses on providing answers that rely only on the pertinent information to reply to a user query, steering clear of inaccuracies or “hallucinations” usually encountered in Large Language Models (LLMs). Additionally, LLMs might also lack the required information to precisely answer company-specific inquiries. 

Docs Hunter allows users to upload extensive documentation into the system, and once it's uploaded, a personal chatbot begins to work as an intelligent search engine. With conversational capabilities, the AI chatbot can identify, retrieve, and summarize relevant information, easily comprehending particular queries about the already-provided content. This ensures the accuracy of the answers sought, eliminating the need for manual searching and lowering the risks of human errors.


Key features and benefits of Docs Hunter:


  • Intuitive AI-powered interface:

Docs Hunter is an advanced AI chatbot designed from scratch to understand and address intricate inquiries concerning a company's internal resources. Its capabilities span a vast array of documents, encompassing contracts, tender documents, legal cases, and formal reports.

  • Integration with existing documents or systems:​​

Docs Hunter seamlessly integrates with the company’s current documents or systems, eliminating the need for any additional effort on their part. It effortlessly adapts to the existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition without disruptions or extra setup. Your documents remain unchanged while Docs Hunter works in tandem with them, accessing and providing valuable insights without any hassle.

  • Instant access to relevant information:

By providing instant, relevant answers to complex questions, Docs Hunter empowers employees at all levels. Decision-making becomes faster and more informed, leveraging the AI’s ability to analyze and summarize key information from a multitude of documents.

  • Data security and compliance:

In the realm of corporate documentation, security and adherence to regulatory standards are non-negotiable. DocsHunter is built with these priorities in mind, ensuring that data integrity and compliance are maintained at every interaction.


Tailored-made solutions for several industries

Although we've aimed to make the most comprehensive solution possible, there’s no doubt that each company has distinct needs and specific use cases. That's why we've tailored DocsHunter for various clients.

Our partners span from a San Francisco-based business streamlining legal processes to an Australian agency dedicated to promoting the country's investments and exports. The versatility of our AI-powered solutions makes them a perfect fit for businesses worldwide, encompassing a spectrum of functions from easily generating contracts from scratch to crafting complex financial reports and conducting in-depth data analysis.   


What’s next? AI revolutionizing businesses practices

In a world where efficiency and data are critical, big businesses now depend on AI-integrated solutions like Docs Hunter to remain competitive. Using our expertise in leveraging AI, Eagerworks has identified the need to streamline complex and time-consuming internal processes and has developed an innovative product that is revolutionizing the way these firms function. Docs Hunter serves as proof of AI’s ability to transform traditional business practices and procedures and provide tangible benefits. Tailored solutions are paving the way for businesses all over the world to have a more productive and efficient future with specifically designed solutions.

Are you ready to dive deeper into the AI revolution? Discover the full story behind Eagerworks’ journey and the ongoing game-changing solutions in our blog. Don’t miss out on the insights that are shaping the future of businesses around the globe!

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