DocsHunter: redefining business operations through RAG integration

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Generative AI constitutes a subset of AI that generates new data from user input and produces new content, ranging from text and images to music, by leveraging patterns and structures learned from extensive datasets.

Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) is a type of Generative AI that offers clear advantages over conventional models. It enables greater customization to address specific challenges, reduces errors, and delivers more accurate results.

Our in-house AI product, DocsHunter, integrates RAG into its features. Aiming at companies working through a vast array of documentation and information, DocsHunter was specifically designed to streamline these processes, offering functionalities like text generation, summarization, search, and Q&A chatbots for businesses.

Streamlining legal & accounting operations

In the legal and accounting industries, companies handle extensive documentation. These can lead to encountering different issues: difficulty finding specific information, losing time and effort locating specific contracts or documents, or even failing in creating new documents following specific structures and protocols. In these scenarios, a minor oversight or misplaced clause can lead to big problems. That's where DocsHunter steps in.

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at DocsHunter's abilities in real-life scenarios.

Use cases: exploring real-world scenarios

1. Generate contracts: transforming bid document processes in the gov-tech sector

Picture a situation where a government entity handles many bid processes regularly. With the need to generate hundreds of contracts each month, drafting these documents can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

By integrating DocsHunter into its own platform and system, the company can upload its knowledge base of documents and simplify its drafting process. Rather than starting from scratch, they can use existing templates and customize them according to their requirements. With all that’s stored in DocsHunter, extracts and structures from specific documents and contracts are reused to write new ones in a less daunting process. Those new drafts include embedded references, ensuring transparency and accuracy without the need for excessive manual effort. Moreover, DocsHunter ensures complete data control and protection, providing an API to integrate into each cloud environment.

2. Q&A chatbot: empowering international trade

Promote Global is an international trade platform aiming to simplify global businesses and investments, leveraging RAG to streamline its processes. Promote Global relies on accurate insights and data to help investors worldwide make informed decisions. By integrating DocsHunter into their platform, Promote gains access to a powerful tool for extracting and analyzing data, enabling users to simply access this information by implementing a Q&A chatbot. Whether identifying top imports from a specific country or addressing nuanced questions crucial for traders, DocsHunter integrated into this platform delivers actionable intelligence with precision and speed.

3. Query search: insights on accounting documents 

In Renew Vault, DocsHunter enables users to access specific information easily for accounting companies. Leveraging AI capabilities enabled Renew Vault to improve document search optimization and content summarization functionalities within the platform.


DocsHunter as a ready-to-implement innovative solution for legal & accounting products

With an API readily available for integration, any company can leverage DocsHunter's capabilities to enhance its operations easily. Whether it's simplifying tender processes, facilitating investment decisions, or ensuring legal compliance, Docs Hunter offers a flexible solution adaptable to various needs. Companies that have already integrated DocsHunter into their products have already witnessed an immediate upgrade in their processes and efficiency.

As we continue to dive into AI-powered solutions, DocsHunter stands at the forefront, enabling us to help companies in different industries—such as legal and accounting—integrate innovation into their solutions.

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March 28, 2024

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