2023: reflecting on our progress and eager to face the challenges ahead

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As we bid farewell to 2023, reflecting on the past year fills us with pride and excitement for what lies ahead. Just as in the years before, Eagerworks has continued its path of growth and success, overcoming challenges and raising the bar. With over 20 new partnerships, the addition of more than 15 team members, and extensive networking meetings and events, 2023 stands out as a significant chapter in Eagerworks’ journey.

Here's an overview of the remarkable milestones that shaped our year:


Taking our partnerships a step beyond

This year, we welcomed several new partners and fortified our existing alliances, aiming to deepen the connections that hold immense significance. Our efforts took us across various corners of the globe to visit our partners, fostering stronger relationships. Introducing a new feedback process was a pivotal step, allowing us to refine our collaboration further. We persisted in working shoulder to shoulder, solidifying our sense of unity as an integral part of the same team.


Insights for Excellence: our tailored feedback process

Moved by our core values of commitment, transparency, and continuous improvement, we set out to formalize feedback instances with our partners. Embracing a philosophy of innovation, quality, and team strength, we dedicated a special space for the assessment of each project, harnessing insights that can help us propel our products and services forward. Through a concerted effort to understand our partners’ needs, we fortified our commitment to delivering solutions that exceed expectations and promised to work on our pain points as soon as possible for a flawless delivery of services.


Partners and projects eager to further expand

Collaboration soared to new heights in 2023, reaching new levels of success and forging strong partnerships that extended our reach into new domains and ecosystems. We welcomed more than 25 new partners from various industries and at different stages. From cutting-edge ventures to innovative internal processes to big companies, our diverse portfolio of projects showcases our expertise and effective solutions.


Nothing beats IRL connections

Our travels to cities such as San Francisco, Atlanta, and London proved invaluable in cultivating and nurturing relationships with our partners. Even though our day-to-day operations are entirely virtual, we're committed to strengthening our connections by seeking opportunities for in-person meetings. These visits weren't just about geographical destinations; they were about bridging distances to solidify the unique bonds we share. Meeting in these diverse locations allowed us to deepen our understanding of each other's cultures, work dynamics, and aspirations, reinforcing the foundation of our partnerships. 


Expanding our UK bonds

Aside from expanding to new working areas, 2023 witnessed Eagerworks' expansion into the UK market, marking a significant milestone in our international journey.

Although we’ve been working with British partners for a while, this year we decided to disembark in the European country with greater strength and offers. Having stepped foot in this vibrant landscape opened new paths for growth and reinforced our ambitious commitment to working in diverse markets.

This expansion not only broadened our geographic reach but also enriched our cultural territory, fostering a deeper bond with a new audience.


Our team: 42% of growth

But it wasn't just our partnerships that experienced growth; our team also underwent significant expansion this year. One of the pivotal aspects of 2023 has been the substantial expansion of our team, with the addition of 16 members since the beginning of the year. We are now standing at a team strength of 54 members. 

This growth has not only enabled us to take on more projects, but it has also catalyzed a restructuring within our team, welcoming not only seasoned developers at various seniority levels but also members to boost other areas like design, HR, marketing, and quality assurance.


Eagerventures: our own Venture Studio

Since Eagerworks’ foundation, we’ve worked on over 100 projects, MVPs, early-stage startups, and VC-backed startups with a focus on innovation. This year, we decided to take our mission one step further and consolidate our Venture Studio. Eagerventures helped us keep reinforcing our passion for collaborating with the entrepreneurial ecosystem and bringing groundbreaking ideas to life.

Throughout the year, we collaborated with diverse startups from different industries, hosted several pitch nights where founders could showcase their talent to potential investors, and boosted the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We are proud to have set a platform for entrepreneurs to connect with each other, share resources, learn from each other's experiences, and help founders succeed and achieve their goals through technical guidance, mentorships, and investment.


RailsConf2023: taking the stage

In 2023, we not only had the privilege of attending RailsConf once again but also seized the opportunity to contribute as speakers. Our Chief Technology Officer (CTO), JP, embarked on a journey to Atlanta, USA, where he delivered an insightful talk titled “Faster websites: Integrating next-gen images in your Rails app.”

JP's presentation delved into an innovative approach to reducing a website's loading time while keeping image quality at its best. Attendees gained valuable insights into overcoming challenges associated with integrating next-gen images into a Rails project.

To enrich the discussion, JP introduced a cutting-edge gem designed to optimize the process of utilizing WebP images within the Ruby on Rails framework. This gem introduces next-gen image formats to Ruby on Rails, streamlining image format conversion and providing a helper for generating picture tags with multiple sources.

This marked not only our presence at RailsConf but also our active contribution to the conversation on streamlining web development practices.


Open-source projects

At Eagerworks, we are committed to contributing to the software community and giving back part of the resources we leverage every day.

After JP's presentation at RailsConf, numerous attendees encouraged him to integrate the gem into Rails. The picture tag helper was seamlessly incorporated into Rails, empowering developers to create responsive images that dynamically adjust their size based on the browser's dimensions, pixel density, or orientation. It also enables developers to load multiple images and gracefully fallback to alternative formats if a particular image format is not supported.

This addition to the Rails codebase marked our goal of reinforcing our expertise in Ruby on Rails and being active contributors in the Ruby on Rails community.


Our Design Studio: an essential role in the product journey

Our Design Studio has been a hub of creativity and innovation since last year, crafting stunning designs for our clients and products. It has become an integral part of most of our projects, crafting visual identities, conducting UX audits, and creating appealing UI interfaces for mobile and web applications. This comprehensive approach enables us to develop products with a keen focus on user experience right from the project's inception, collaborating closely with development teams every step of the way.

Recently, it took a big leap forward by unveiling its new digital home. As innovation and creativity are at the core of everything we do, you'll find an array of exciting case studies, projects, and insights that highlight our expertise and passion for design.


AI solutions for fostering innovation

The evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) stood as a spotlight for our 2023. We continued pushing boundaries, leveraging AI technologies to revolutionize businesses and offering our expertise as a solution for enhancing their processes. Our AI-driven solutions set new benchmarks, intending to harness the power of AI to encourage innovation within big companies.

Leveraging insights from our partners, we've recognized an opportunity to revolutionize how large enterprises harness the power of AI to reshape their operations. Our focus was transforming the way documentation is managed. Within organizations lie extensive repositories of housing manuals, contracts, guidelines, and diverse documents. However, navigating and extracting relevant data from this vast pool can be time-consuming, leading to the underutilization of valuable information. Docs Hunter emerged as an innovative solution from Eagerworks, designed to revolutionize how major corporations access vital data and streamline their documentation processes.

We also launched HomeStyler, an in-house project that leverages the power of AI to empower users to explore various decor styles and design possibilities to craft the perfect ambiance for their homes. With just a simple picture of a space, users can experiment with up to 13 different styles. 

Focusing on internal projects enables us to dive into new technologies, libraries, and tools, provide training opportunities for our team and better estimate projects.

For instance, already established partnerships are among the clients who now place their trust in us for AI integration. Delving into their internal processes, our skilled team collaborates closely with our partners to refine their operations and seamlessly enhance their efficiency.


Events and recognitions

Among the array of recognitions and acknowledgments received in 2023, Eagerworks proudly celebrated being named Clutch Global and Global Champion winners. These awards stand as emblematic milestones, representing the culmination of our dedication and commitment to excellence in our industry.

Its significance is magnified by the platform that Clutch provides, serving as a leading platform for clients and partners to appraise and review software services offered by companies; the recognition speaks volumes about the quality, reliability, and satisfaction that Eagerworks consistently delivers.


End-of-year resolutions

We are especially proud of the numerous milestones achieved in the past year. Surpassing our expectations and goals set in 2022 has been nothing short of remarkable, and it has ignited a profound excitement within us for the upcoming year.

Yet, these achievements wouldn't have been possible without the unwavering support of our partners. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to those who have placed their trust in our team and embraced our way of working throughout this year.

We anticipate that the upcoming year will continue to unite us closely as we tackle even more challenges together.

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