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Working side-by-side with Thoughtbot: one of the most experienced Rails agencies in the US

As a Ruby on Rails agency, we always had Thoughbot as a great reference and example to follow. What we weren’t expecting was that we would end up being mentored and then working hand in hand with Thoughtbot, a top-tier Ruby on Rails agency. Learn about our experience being part of the Thoughtbot’s team, the projects we worked on, and how that experience helped us to continue validating and perfecting our services.
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The main challenge was to team up with a much bigger and more complex company, positioned as a reference in Ruby on Rails worldwide. We had to stay up to the challenge of working with one of the most renowned Rails companies in the US and the world and develop first-class tech products for Thoughtbot’s clients.


The first project we got involved in was the leading Saudi fast food chain that hired Thoughtbot to work on their application to order food. Thoughtbot ended up developing a whole system, including its order panel. The focus was to tackle one of their main issues: having the ability to respond to their peak days when they received a large number of customers in a very short period. Thoughtbot, along with our team, helped them solve their scalability problems and develop a custom solution.

In a separate project, we worked on a platform for office managers to buy office supplies centralized. During the pandemic, they reconverted to stipend services and developed a new business model. We also participated on a sports project with online classes and tutorials.

After working on these projects, our team became part of Mission Control. There, we collaborated with support and maintenance of several products. The focus was fixing bugs and bringing a rapid solution to Thoughtbot’s clients. It allowed us to learn from various architectures and develop different ways of solving issues by being involved in so many projects simultaneously.


As a Rails company, working with Thoughtbot’s team was extremely fruitful as it is a top-notch company formed by Senior developers with wide Ruby on Rails experience. We worked with a multicultural team of more than 100 people around the world and transferred all of that know-how to our teams in Eagerworks.

Our team could easily adapt to their working approach and be up to the challenge. Thoughtbot’s team provided us with all his knowledge and expertise and the confidence to work directly with their clients without intermediaries.

Our Ruby on Rails developers joined their experienced Rails team of Sr. developers and managed to collaborate in a smooth way.  We were recognized for the level of our developers and we were able to demonstrate that there was no gap between both teams.

About our partnership with Thoughtbot

At Eagerworks, we’ve been part of Thoughtbot’s mentorship program since 2019. This experience provided us with interesting inputs and know-how from a company expert in Ruby on Rails. After a year, Thoughtbot was assembling a team to work with a new client. That’s when our team came in and joined Thoughtbot.

We had the opportunity to collaborate with them on many projects, bringing our knowledge as a Rails agency and taking advantage of the opportunity to work with one of the most renowned companies in the world.

This was a very fruitful experience in different aspects. We could see firsthand the quality of their work and how they manage their projects, the high level of Sr. developers that are part of their team and how they work, and the quality of their code. It was incredibly enriching to collaborate with Thoughtbot’s projects from scratch and absorb all of their know-how and experience in working with different kinds of clients.

It was encouraging to notice that there was no gap in knowledge of Rails and that our developers were thoroughly well-trained in best practices and code quality, ready to work with top-notch Rails teams.

Our team worked hand-in-hand with Thoughtbot’s CTO and accomplished the needed trust to work directly with Thoughtbot’s clients without any intervention and to manage the whole project.

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