3 programming books every junior software developer must read

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We embrace the idea that there is always more and more to learn, especially in such an innovative line of business as technology. As you might have noticed, curiosity is one of our core values. What does it mean? We constantly look for new ways of doing things and discover new and practical solutions that allow us to improve. This needs to be fed with knowledge, eagerness to learn, and a critical mindset.

We believe in the importance of continuous learning, not only do we keep updated with the latest trends in technology but also dive deeply into the fundamentals of programming.

When it comes to programming, there is so much valuable information out there on the internet. Open source communities are responsible for making software development one of the most collaborative environments, and we love that!

But we can’t put aside one of the most important sources of information: books. They allow us to go deep into and learn even more about programming. That is why on World Book Day, we’d love to share some of our team’s recommendations.


  • Algorithm Design (by Kleinberg & Tardos)

“As developers, what we do every day is solving problems. “Algorithm Designs” is about how to solve certain types of fairly common problems efficiently. It has completely changed the way I analyze problems and build solutions. It teaches readers several strategies such as Divide and Conquer, Dynamic Programming, Greedy Algorithms, among others. It also enlightens us on how to compare the complexity of different algorithms, both in structures and execution times. This is fundamental when it comes to choosing a concrete solution among many." Recommended by Emiliano de Sejas

Find Algorithm Design here.


  • Introduction to Algorithms (by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest & Stein).

“I discovered Introduction to Algorithms during college and found it fascinating. This is the perfect book to understand a wide range of classical and modern algorithms explained in minute detail and in a friendly language. It is ideal for strengthening the technical concepts that every developer should bear in mind.” Recommended by Pilar García.

Find Introduction to Algorithms here.


  • Clean Code (by Robert C. Martin)

“Since I started programming, this book has been endlessly recommended to me. Today I can see why. It helps programmers to understand easily all kinds of code, recognize quickly what is right and what is wrong with it, and to maintain good practices when writing good quality code. Clean Code is undoubtedly the book that every developer should read.” Recommended by Carlos Musetti

Find Clean Code here.


At this area, as in many others, the main purpose of continuous learning is not only to get better in programming and code development, but also to find new perspectives that help us think outside the box and create innovative solutions. And that’s what books are perfectly useful for. 

Of course, these are just a few and there are many more interesting books perfect to go deeper into the fascinating world of software development and open our minds to new possibilities when designing new tech products. 

Have you read any of them? You can tell us which other one you would recommend in the comments below!

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April 22, 2022

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