3 main reasons why we were awarded by Clutch 2021

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I’ve been working at Eagerworks for over 4 years now, starting as a junior software developer and making my way to my current role: Technical Leader. I was fortunate to witness a huge growth within the team, which started with only 4 developers and grew to exceed 30 people. Furthermore, this increment has been accompanied by a substantial growth in the team’s seniority, which enables us to dive deeper into bigger projects. 

That’s why we’re very proud to, once again, have been recognized as one of Clutch's top B2B companies in Uruguay, as a reward for all of our hard-work, growth and commitment.

So why were we awarded by Clutch?

My opinion is that everything comes down to trust. Trust is the foundation of a successful partnership, and at eagerworks we earn our client’s trust through these three factors: commitment, clear communication and solid technical skills. 


  • Much like any relationship, commitment is the key to a healthy partnership. Having our teams committed to their projects makes them not only productive but happy. Moreover, in an industry where developers are inclined to change their place of work frequently due to the high demand for tech talent, commitment is very important because it allows us to keep our dev teams in their respective projects for long periods of time. Low (or none) team rotation is super valuable for our partners because we avoid having devs spending time ramping up into a deep understanding of the project and code. 
  • Commitment is the consequence of motivation. Being that said, before assigning a dev team to a project, we make sure every dev is enthusiastic about the project, its mission, its technical challenges, and the team they´ll be part of. The fact that eagerworks works only with innovative products and startups makes it easier to fulfill our team's expectations and enthusiasm. 

Clear communication:

  • The act of communication starts with a good listener, and ends with precise questions. It is crucial to communicate effectively when it comes to working with innovative tech startups, because innovation implies building something new, something that has no precedence. To ensure we achieve the goals of the team and product without misunderstandings (which leads to time loss, and therefore, losing money), we make sure to leave nothing to open interpretation. This not only implies having a clear understanding with your clients but also with your own team.
  • Effective communication helps to foster a good working relationship between team members, which has a big impact on the work environment.
  • We encourage our team to send daily updates on the work that is being done and report any blockers we might run into. Depending on the project, we have daily and weekly meetings with our clients to make sure everything is on track. Of course, Slack and ClickUp are helpful too. 

Solid Technical Skills:

  • Something I love about Eagerworks is the fact that we only hire people with almost no experience (excellent onboarding process), and make our best to give them all the tools needed for them to be their best vesrion. We have reached a point where we have several highly technical profiles, and the knowledge propagates through the whole team every single day (we also have awesome tech talks by our team members). The fact that the team’s seniority is being incremented so fast motivates us to push our limits even further.
  • Knowledge is power, and the more our team knows the more our business can grow. It is essential to ensure that the team reaches a good technical level since this enables them to carry out their jobs successfully and gives them confidence in doing so. This is important for eagerworks given that highly skilled developers are more likely to be happier resulting in better productivity.

To conclude, I would like to invite all young devs out there who are looking for their first job experience, to really dive deep into what we do and how we do it. If you feel you belong in a place like this, reach out and ask us a lot of questions. Who knows, it might be the beginning of a fun adventure!

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Ignacio Grondona
December 02, 2021

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