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Helping a party planning platform in the US to scale

The Bach is a mobile app that helps organize bachelor/bachelorette and other parties in a simple and centralized way. Events can be handled entirely within the app: users can invite contacts, book activities, add extra services such as drinks or food, split expenses, prepare surprises, make payments, and communicate in an internal chat. The Bach offers a wide range of special activities and focuses on providing a very pleasant user experience: every vendor in the platform is prepared to be booked and to bring a top-notch service.
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3 developers

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hexagonal - microservices

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Set the foundations for a scalable product


The Bach was already a flourishing startup facing new challenges related to their growth when we jumped in and joined their development team as Node.js engineers. Our goal was to help them continue to expand and make the product scalable

We worked in backend development, focusing on two main challenges: a new microservice and tax collection improvement.


Our team and The Bach’s worked as a single one. Unlike other outsourcing projects, we don’t receive isolated development requirements, but we coordinate with their technical team, tackling the product's demands in each stage. 

As the product expanded and more cities were added to the platform, creating a solid and scalable way to organize them and easily add more became necessary. To that end, we developed a new microservice in Node.js, based on a hexagonal architecture, on which The Bach API is built. This architecture is ideal for complex and scalable projects. 

We focused on developing a new microservice to manage cities, categorize activities by location, and avoid errors and typing problems, as the information is unified with city identities. 

We also built the tax collection integration that enables The Bach to handle the differences between various services and locations in a simpler way to make the system scalable. We integrated the system into libraries and APIs such as AJV, a library of JSON Schema Validation, ElasticSearch, a search server, and Stripe API to manage taxes. 


The Bach is a growing startup facing the challenges of expanding their product to new places, users, and vendors. Our team focused on helping to professionalize processes and enhance their product to continue building a platform that is prepared to scale efficiently.

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