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Innovation, a must of our time

Smaller companies, in particular start-ups, are seen as the hotbeds of innovation. Being small and having a lean mindset help companies learn, adapt and grow faster. However established companies can and must innovate as well.

We have the know-how and the tools to make that possible.

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Do you want to use cutting edge technologies to automate your current processes or improve your products?

With machine learning algorithms combined with big data techniques, sky is the limit. Many industries and businesses still do a ton of work manually.

Cutting edge technologies allow us to optimize these processes, making them much more cost efficient and allowing your company to differentiate from the rest. If your company does repetitive work every day, let's work together to automate those tedious processes.

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Analyze problem
1. Analyze Problem
Get data
2. Check Available Data
Work plan
3. Define a work-plan with client's team
Model implementation
4. Perform model implementation
Analyze results
5. Analyze results and accuracy

Do you need more
development muscle?

We don't only train high skilled developers in Ruby on Rails. Our team is built by responsible, committed and easy going people with clear communication. We don't like to be just a remote developer, we are eager to be part of your team and help you succeed with everything in our reach.

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Are you planning to explore
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Please read how we use a lean mindset and agile methodologies to create high valuable products.

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How we managed to scrape 10 million cars per day and contribute to a successful exit for a multi-million dollar sum.

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We learnt from failure, this is how eagerworks started

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HeartOut is an online recording certification platform, designed to provide organizations a solution to see and hear an applicant's "live" performance.

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