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What makes us get out
of bed every day

We are a group of enthusiastic Ruby on Rails developers, passionate about innovation, and committed to helping entrepreneurs achieve their Startup dream.

Nearshore - Latin America - Uruguay
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Driven by passion background

It all began back in 2015. Our co-founders, Santi (CEO) and JP (CTO), met working as team members in a prestigious US based agency. Both software engineers shared the same personal aspirations to help startups succeed, rather than just contributing with software development. Because they believe Ruby on Rails is the best technology for building startups, they decided to dive deep in it. Now, here we are, with +45 projects our and a growing team of +20 Ruby on Rails maniacs.

Our passion, our fuel

We love to solve problems with technology. Our developers are not only trained to code, they are experts in understanding the client's pains and needs. Quality is crucial for us, and we work hard to implement simple, maintainable and scalable solutions. We don't have any magic ingredients, it's all about teamwork, communication, commitment and spreading positivity.

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Meet the team

Santiago Bertinat picture
Santiago Bertinat
CEO | Co-Founder
Juan Pablo Balarini picture
Juan Pablo Balarini
CTO | Co-Founder
Rodrigo Martínez picture
Rodrigo Martínez
Ignacio Grondona picture
Ignacio Grondona
Technical Leader
Jorge Leites picture
Jorge Leites
Team Leader
Bruno Fernández picture
Bruno Fernández
Team Leader
Santiago Calvo picture
Santiago Calvo
Team Leader
Martin Sugasti picture
Martin Sugasti
Software Developer
Victoria López picture
Victoria López
People Generalist & Office Manager
Agustin Fornio picture
Agustin Fornio
Software Developer
Ignacio Dibarrart picture
Ignacio Dibarrart
Software Developer
Ezequiel Padilla picture
Ezequiel Padilla
Software Developer
Cristian Vargas picture
Cristian Vargas
Software Developer
Lucas Fontes picture
Lucas Fontes
Software Developer
Soledad Martínez picture
Soledad Martínez
Marketing & Communications Manager
Rosina Cataldo picture
Rosina Cataldo
UX/UI Designer
Julián Oviedo picture
Julián Oviedo
Software Developer
Lucas de Sierra picture
Lucas de Sierra
Software Developer
Emiliano de Sejas picture
Emiliano de Sejas
Software Developer
Santiago Castillo picture
Santiago Castillo
Software Developer
Facundo Spira picture
Facundo Spira
Software Developer
Alejandra Etchevers picture
Alejandra Etchevers
Software Developer
Juan Azadian picture
Juan Azadian
Software Developer
Tomás Rodríguez picture
Tomás Rodríguez
Software Developer
Diego Kleinman picture
Diego Kleinman
Software Developer
Martín Larroca picture
Martín Larroca
Software Developer
Florencia Carle picture
Florencia Carle
Software Developer
Florencia Soldo picture
Florencia Soldo
Software Developer