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What makes us get out
of bed every day

Team picture
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Driven by passion

We love to solve problems with technology. Our developers are not only trained to code, they are experts in understanding the client needs. We don't want to provide just software development services, we want to help companies (specially startups) to succeed. Quality is also crucial for us. We work hard to implement simple, maintainable and scalable solutions.

Fueled by team work

We are really proud of our team. Working with commited and positive people is what makes us enjoy coming to the office every day. We are constantly learning from each other and collaborating between us to build great products.

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Meet the team

Santiago Bertinat picture
Santiago Bertinat
CEO | Co-Founder
Juan Pablo Balarini picture
Juan Pablo Balarini
CTO | Co-Founder
Rodrigo Martinez picture
Rodrigo Martinez
Mauro Mottini picture
Mauro Mottini
Technical Leader
Ignacio Grondona picture
Ignacio Grondona
Technical Leader
Francisco Aguirre picture
Francisco Aguirre
Software Developer
Renzo Tissoni picture
Renzo Tissoni
Software Developer
Jorge Leites picture
Jorge Leites
Software Developer
Franco Bottero picture
Franco Bottero
Software Developer
Bruno Fernández picture
Bruno Fernández
Software Developer
Agustin Pomies picture
Agustin Pomies
Software Developer
Santiago Calvo picture
Santiago Calvo
Software Developer
Martin Sugasti picture
Martin Sugasti
Software Developer
Victoria López picture
Victoria López
HR & Office Manager
Agustin Fornio picture
Agustin Fornio
Software Developer
Ignacio Dibarrart picture
Ignacio Dibarrart
Software Developer
Ezequiel Padilla picture
Ezequiel Padilla
ANIMA Intern
Cristian Vargas picture
Cristian Vargas
Software Developer
Lucas Fontes picture
Lucas Fontes
Software Developer